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Who Is YUMMY Membership For?
SHE is...
  • πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’Ό A high-achieving woman who often finds herself as the solution for everyone else, yet may not know where to turn when seeking support for herself.
  • πŸš€ Driven to excel professionally while nurturing authentic relationships
  • 🌟 Seeking to break free from limitations and embrace unlimited potential in business and relationships
  • 🌱 Committed to holistic growth, including self-care and spiritual development
  • πŸ’Ό A career professional or entrepreneurs who operates in Service, Humility & Excellence (SHE).
How the YUMMY Membership Works

YUMMY membership is structured to envelop you in a holistic embrace that tends to every facet of your being – emotionally, spiritually, professionally, and personally. We're committed to providing a comprehensive support system that empowers you on every level. Here's how the YUMMY Membership works:

  1. πŸŒ€ Wrap-Around Services: YUMMY is designed as a comprehensive wrap-around service, addressing the diverse dimensions of your life. We offer resources and guidance to nurture your emotional, spiritual, professional, and personal growth.

  2. πŸ‘₯ Sister Circle Connection Points: Our membership facilitates 5 connection points per month, allowing you to safely engage with like-minded women who share your aspirations and challenges. This unity creates a supportive environment for growth, resilience, and mutual success.

  3. 🌐 YUMMY Portal: Within the YUMMY portal, you'll discover an array of additional tools, resources, and digital courses curated to support your journey of self-improvement. This portal serves as your central hub for learning and exploration.

  4. πŸ”’ Safety and Elevation: Your well-being and success are paramount. YUMMY ensures a safe environment where you can explore vulnerability, set boundaries, and pursue your goals openly. Our membership is designed to elevate you personally and professionally.

In essence, the YUMMY Membership is more than a program – it's a transformative journey.

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What You'll Experience:

πŸš€ Career Empowerment: Elevate your career with workshops on leadership, personal branding, and navigating workplace challenges as a woman.

πŸ’ž Relationship Excellence: Learn to nurture authentic relationships, set healthy boundaries, and communicate openly for deeper connections.

🌱 Personal Growth: Unleash your potential through self-care practices, mindfulness, spiritual development, and strategies to embrace vulnerability and authenticity.

πŸ‘­πŸΎ Supportive Community: Connect with a community of like-minded women who understand your journey. They're here to provide the support and empowerment you give to others.

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What You Get With YUMMY
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions (Value: $6,000)
  • Hot Seat Mindset Coaching (Value: $997)
  • Live Bi-weekly Prayer & Meditation Sessions (Value: $6,000)
  • Live Bi-Weekly Self-Care Sessions (Value: $6,000)
  • YUMMY Portal FULL of meaningful content (Value: $1,997)
  • Heart of The Matter 6wk Singles Digital Course (Value: $6,185)
  • Heart of The Matter 6wk Couples Digital Course (Value: $7,185)
  • Access to previous recordings and audio (Value: $2,997)
  • Monthly "Just In Time" Coaching Sessions (2) (Value: $2,997)
  • Printable YUMMY journal (Value: $997)
  • Printable workbooks (Value: $497)
  • Assessments (Value: $997)
  • Accountability Partnerships (Value: Priceless)
  • Discounts for Live Events & Retreats (Value: Priceless)

Total Value: $39,852/mo.

Regular Price: $3,321/mo.

Only $397/mo.

What SHE Says...
Arlene Henderson
"Working with Dr. Nicole and Crystal is one of those things you can't put a price tag on. I am so thankful, I am so grateful for all the awesome tools that we’ve learned. I am encouraged in my business, I am supported and loved and I feel a sense of community."
Ursula Whitehead

β€œI am really grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Nicole and Crystal. They were just personal, inspiring and life-changing.”

Tracy Higgs

β€œI have been surrounded by such an amazing group of women who have been able to see through me more than I can ever have imagined. Crystal and Dr. Nicole have really truly set the bar. It's like God set the path. He put you right where you needed to be, when you needed to be there. And I can’t say enough about the sisterhood, the hug, the warmth. Whether it’s on camera, on the phone, in one-on-one meetings or in group meetings. The emotional pour-out is beyond what I could have ever imagined."

I'm Ready!

Yes, YOU are the Guarantee! At YUMMY, we firmly believe that your commitment and effort are the keys to unlocking success. When you actively participate and invest in your growth journey by showing up and putting in the work, we assure you that you will see a valuable return on your investment. Your dedication to personal and professional development is the true guarantee of the transformative experience YUMMY offers.

Crystal and Dr. Nicole were inspired to create YUMMY Membership after personally experiencing the lack of a safe and supportive space for women, particularly black women, to thrive. They recognized the need for a platform that values individuals for who they are rather than solely focusing on their achievements. Unable to find such a community, they decided to build it themselves.

The acronym YUMMY was ingeniously coined by Crystal and Dr. Nicole to represent "Your Ultimate Most Meaningful Yet." This term captures the essence of striving for personal growth, authenticity, and realizing your fullest potential.

Crystal and Dr. Nicole developed the proprietary YUMMY Methodology, which is the cornerstone of YUMMY Membership. This methodology is built on three fundamental pillars: Liberation, Activation, and Acceleration. Each pillar guides members through a transformative journey of overcoming limiting beliefs, taking purposeful action, and fostering a supportive and loving community.

YUMMY offers a secure and all-encompassing environment welcoming women of every age. Our membership encompasses a diverse range of individuals, spanning from 25 to 60 years old, with an average age of 35 to 54. YUMMY represents a cross-generational community built on love, where we honor each life stage’s unique beauty and wisdom. Our core belief is centered on mutual support, regardless of where one stands on their journey. To this end, YUMMY extends an array of resources, immersive experiences, and engaging events. These offerings are crafted to empower women to embrace their present selves and chart a course toward their desired future. We're committed to celebrating the authenticity of each member and nurturing a path that aligns with their aspirations. At YUMMY, you'll find a community that uplifts you, regardless of age, and empowers you to embrace your current self while paving the way toward your desired destinations.

No, YUMMY is not exclusively for black women. While YUMMY welcomes all women, its primary focus is on catering to black women, curated by black women. We recognize and honor the distinct journey that black women undertake, often navigating societal expectations and wearing different masks within their communities. YUMMY is designed to provide a safe space where black women can authentically be themselves, unburdened by those expectations. It's a place where they can connect, grow, and thrive within a supportive community. While the core audience is black women, YUMMY also extends its embrace to other women who can appreciate and respect the unique space it provides for black women. It's about fostering an atmosphere of understanding and unity where women of diverse backgrounds can unite to support one another on their respective paths.

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Β© Copyrights by Sister Diamonds, LLC. All Rights Reserved.